4 easy steps to Red Flags Compliance by Jeff VanOrnam


These are the 4 easy steps to Red Flags Compliance.


  1.  Have a written Red Flags rule in place. In your eCredit Complete software, go to ‘tools’ then click Red Flags Rules Template.  You can use that template as your own or create your own from it.
  2. Detect Red Flags using your eCredit Complete Red Flags Indicator and Red Flags ID Worksheet.  The Red Flags Worksheet is a snap to complete due to it’s easy access from the top of the eCredit Complete credit report.
  3. Respond to Red Flags.  You can instantly respond to ID theft concerns by accessing your Out of Wallet questions from the same Red Flags worksheet in the same window.
  4. Perform a Red Flags Audit. Chose anytime to run a Compliance Details Report to get all your dealerships compliance details printed out and in front of you or utilize eCredit Completes Find Screen Compliance View for an instant visual reference to all of your compliance issues.


Follow those 4 steps and you should never have to worry about violating your Red Flags compliance.

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