Automated Income Check

Automated Income Check Pay Stub

Instant Income and Employment Data for Auto Dealers

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Automated Income Check (AIC)
immediately provides the critical insight you need to swiftly keep deals on track, delivering more than the customer’s last paycheck or hourly rate. You get several critical data fields that provide you with more detailed employment and income information, such as employer name, annual income, and job tenure. Best of all, you can get it delivered with any CBC credit report.


  • Structure stronger deals by better understanding income & employment status earlier in the buying process
  • Instantly verify information displayed on a customer’s consumer credit application
  • Offer the best loan options with fewer obstacles and/or loan stipulations to be cleared
  • “Spot deliver” vehicles with confidence
  • Improve the customer experience by guiding buyers toward loans they qualify for
  • Strengthen dealer lender relationships by submitting verified consumer information
  • Make more informed decisions that minimize risk