CBC eVault

  Long Term Record Retention

 In order for today’s automotive dealers to stay in compliance with all of the recent industry-specific regulations, they need to make sure that their document management strategies are in order. Credit Bureau Connection’s eVault long-term record retention provides the necessary tool to not only be in compliance, but to remain in compliance for the long haul; removing the need to print out duplicate or triplicate forms. Credit Bureau Connection’s eCredit Complete incorporates long-term record retention as a part of its all-inclusive compliance suite.Your credit reports and all credit related documents generated in eCredit Complete are retained in the secure electronic eVault for later retrieval in the event of a dispute or compliance audit. No more searching through traditional deal jackets, filing cabinets, or off-site storage for your consumer credit applications and compliance documentation. In addition, the eVault is designed to store scanned or uploaded miscellaneous deal documents i.e. driver’s license, utility bill, pay stub, etc. for storage in the eVault.

Features and Benefits
  • Long-term electronic data storage of all eCredit Complete produced compliance documents and credit reports
  • Stored documents are accessible to authorized users whenever needed without request, email, or contact with Credit Bureau Connection
  • The eVault comes standard with Credit Bureau Connection’s all inclusive compliance tools
  • Designed to eliminate the need for off-site storage of credit, compliance, and various deal documents