CBC Rolls Out a New Look and Feel to the CreditBureauConnection.com Website

For the last decade CBC has been providing the most accurate, current, and relevant credit report and compliance information to our industry. We take great pride in keeping up with the times and staying fresh. When it comes to automotive sales, lending, and compliance, current information is hard to come by. The FTC.gov is a great resource if you like to bury your self in “white papers” stuffed with legal terms no one but the attorneys understand. CBC understands the business and the jargon and makes information and solutions available in easy to grasp terms. 

CBC is the leader in staying up on what’s going on in our industry that is constantly pounded with new and changing regulations. While other companies in the credit report and compliance business have a set it and forget it mentality, CBC continues to look forward constantly developing new and simpler ways to help you abide by the laws, protect your business, and fairly treat your customers.CBC’s credit bureau up-time reliability and website stability doesn’t come easy. CBC has built an infrastructure and staffed our IT team with the best in class to guarantee our customers, the absolute best credit reporting and compliance platform in the industry. As you’d expect from CBC, we are always two steps ahead of the curve and will continue to bring new and innovative ideas to the automotive, lending, brokering, and related industries.