Credit Bureau Connection (CBC) and Fraud Protection Network (FPN) Join Together to Provide Identity Theft Protection for Everyone

Doesn’t it make sense to offer your customers whom you have captured sensitive personal data, a way to protect them from future identity theft?

So do we!

While others are finding ways to take advantage of an already bad situation, CBC has teamed up with Fraud Protection Network to provide affordable identity theft protection you can trust.

In uncertain times, it never fails, the scam artists come out, and this situation is no exception. Since the recent data breach announced early in September, evil doers are praying on under-informed consumers by tricking them into purchasing expensive, binding, and inadequate identity protection programs.

By entering the promo code “cbc” at checkout, you will receive a discounted rate on the program you select. RapID Pro or RapID Pro Plus will help protect you and your customers from fraud. From real-time credit monitoring to providing credit reports with a credit score, RapID Pro or RapID Pro Plus delivers peace of mind, personal protection, and a whole lot more.

Visit Fraud Protection Network and find out how you can provide proven and honest protection for your dealership personnel and customers.