eZ Form-Fill – Powerful Online Credit Application Auto-fill Tool

Online Credit Applications

Streamline consumer application data entry by reducing manual entry up to 76%, improving accuracy, and authenticating consumer data via multiple fraud screens.

eZ Form Fill
Online Credit Application Tool

Highest Level Fraud Detection Included
eZ Form-Fill uses a sophisticated process of data matching algorithms to find the right consumer, while leveraging advanced fraud detection technology which helps detect and prevent misuse.

Advanced Streamlined Credit Process
A first-of-its-kind consumer facing form-fill application that can, upon submission, instantly complete the consumer credit application, return a full credit report, process Red Flags, OFAC Name Search, and Risk-based Pricing, all while requiring only four fields of consumer information.

All Available Data Returned Instantly
eZ Form-Fill provides 26 individual fields of data, including first, middle, last name and suffix, full SSN, address information (including current and previous address), number of years at current address, telephone numbers (home and mobile) date of birth, spouse’s name and more.

Only 4 Data Elements Required

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Last 4 of SSN
  • Zip Code

Industry Proven Technology
Uses industry proven and trusted identification processes to locate the right consumer every time while leveraging CBC’s advanced technology.

Flexible API Deployment
Can be deployed using a flexible API integration process that is suitable for use with any digital channel or customized work flow process.