CBC’s Credit inSight Single-Click Multi-Bureau Summary is Now Available

Do you run two or three bureaus on all, most, or some of your credit applicants?
Do you run one bureau first and then a second or third bureau if necessary?If you answered YES, MAYBE, or even SOMETIMES, the speed, ease, and completeness of CBC’s Credit inSight will streamline the process for you. No other provider offers a tool even close to CBC’s Credit inSight. In an industry where every process is becoming longer, slower, and more complicated, CBC once again breaks new ground by providing the quickest way to summarize a multi-bureau pull and get the critical information you need in one mouse click. 
Exclusively from CBC, this unique functionality speeds up the credit reporting, prospect qualifying, compliance, and decision making process. With one click of the mouse, CBC’s Credit inSight returns an instant view of all three bureau scores, access to each credit report, and all of the vital tools needed to satisfy your regulatory compliance requirements.