CBC Makes “Stop Guessing Start Selling! Your Free Guide to Compliance Expertise” Available to Anyone

Stop Guessing Start Selling
This downloadable 10-page eGuide is designed for dealership and lender personnel who run credit reports, or collect sensitive personal information, and are concerned about compliance. In addition to making compliance as error proof as possible, Stop Guessing Start Selling! includes a fail-safe list of questions every auto dealer should be asking their current and/or future credit report provider. 

This valuable guide allows salespeople and managers to focus on selling and closing deals, not worry about becoming legal experts. Stop Guessing Start Selling! Your Free Guide to Credit Reporting and Compliance Expertise is “must have” knowledge every auto dealer, lender, and broker should know now, not when it’s too late.All key employees must receive training on the Privacy Act, Patriot Act, and other federal regulations. The CFPB auditors do not typically hand out fix-it tickets. Here are a few questions Stop Guessing Start Selling! recommends every auto dealer know the answer to: “Do you have access to past reports and other data when or if they are requested?” “How much time will it take to retrieve stored and/or archived data?” “How long is the data retained?” “Where is the sensitive data actually located?” “Is all data backed up nightly?” and more.

Stop Guessing Start Selling! was created to take the guess work out of becoming compliant and staying compliant. Every auto dealer has the right to know what’s required to be provided, when to provide it, and how to implement appropriate processes without guessing, assuming, or ignoring all together. CBC spends countless hours working with businesses on credit report and compliance requirements and solutions. The industry needs to be aware that the objective behind the regulations are to protect consumers and businesses from expensive lawsuits, lost, disgruntled, or unfairly treated customers; which is good for everyone. It’s no mystery that every auto dealership in the United States must comply.