CBC will be at NADA2020

NADA 2020 with Booth Pic II
Come by and see what’s new!

It’s that time again! NADA is almost here and CBC has been extremely busy throughout 2019. Check out some highlights below and then come by and see us at booth 6002N and get the whole scoop. We look forward to seeing you.

Synthetic Identity Detection
Synthetic identity detection coupled with the industry’s most advanced identity authentication process protects your business’ bottom line by determining if a new applicant is likely associated with synthetic identity fraud, consumer ID theft, and other Red Flags.

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ADA Compliance
If you use one of Credit Bureau Connection’s online web applications you may have noticed the wheelchair icon at the bottom right of the application. CBC is the only credit reseller that is fully Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant on all online web applications.
Automated Income Check
Automated Income Check (AIC) immediately provides the critical insight you need to swiftly keep deals on track, delivering more than the customer’s last paycheck or hourly rate. You get several critical data fields that provide you with more detailed employment and income information, such as employer name, annual income, and job tenure. Best of all, you can get it delivered with any CBC credit report.
Prequal Credit Reports
Online web application or in-house first step full-file prequalification reports without the requirement to provide a firm offer of credit. All bureaus return a true FICO credit score model. Pull one, two, or three prequalification reports simultaneously.
Compliance Management
CBC’s Red Flag Review Dashboard provides compliance management real-time access to Red Flags that need to be reviewed, verified, or corrected. If there are Red Flags, OFAC, synthetic identity detection, fraud, or other discrepancies on an applicant, an authorized user can review, modify, pass or fail an applicant. An email alert is immediately sent to the responsible dealership personnel requesting action to be taken and corrected.
AA and RBPN Fulfillment
Eliminate human error
Eliminate extra labor costs
First-class mail delivery
RBPN letters mailed daily
RBPN sent only if not produced
No long term contract or set up fees
Monthly summary report of all letters sent
AA/RBPN letter copies stored in the eVault
Eliminate the tedious task of sorting through deal jackets
AA letters sent twice monthly on or around the 10th and 25th
Set AA criteria by deal status, maximum credit score, or all
Liens and Judgments
Remember when Liens and Judgments returned information in the credit report about public record filings on individuals to help uncover civil court filings during the credit review process? You can once again get Liens and Judgments data in your credit report, only available from Credit Bureau Connection.
eVerify Compliance Suite

Red Flags Rule check powered by CBC’s robust identity verification tools
Multiple choice Out-of-Wallet questions
Simple PASS/FAIL Red Flags indicator
Synthetic Fraud Indicator
OFAC check with “clear” feature
Military Lending Act qualified buyer check
Adverse Action notice processing
Risk-Based Pricing notice with bar graph and signature line
Plate to VIN

Online Digital Retail Applications
Convert Between VIN, License Plate, and State Data
Simplify the Trade-in Process with just a License Plate
eClear Credit Risk Report
CBC’s eClear Credit Risk Report “alternative data” credit report is designed for buy-here-pay-here dealers and automotive lenders in the sub-prime space. Powered by Clarity Services’ massive consumer database, you can now receive valuable insight into the creditworthiness and risk level of your buyers based on data not delivered with traditional credit reports. This enhanced consumer assessment will allow BHPH, independent dealers and lenders to recognize potential risk prior to contracting a high-risk, bad payer.

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