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The majority of consumers today use the internet to research financing options before they apply for credit. CBC offers two valuable online solutions that will turn your website into a powerful lead-generating machine. After years of research, CBC subscribers using our web application products have seen an increase of over 300% of qualified leads after implementing CBC’s online web solutions.

CBC’s Online Web Applications Solutions Overview:

Both eCredit Online (a hard pull credit application) and eQualify Online (a soft pull credit application) make it simple for consumers to fill out a short credit application before contacting a dealer, lender, or business. Both applications return a full file credit report to you, the subscriber.

Some of the key features of eCredit Online and eQualify Online include the ability to:

  • reside on your website in a fully-responsive iFrame. An iFrame is a frame that your website manager will place in a current or new “Apply for Financing” or “Get Pre-Approved” webpage. Also, adding “call to action” buttons, banners, and additional information built around the iFrame will increase interest and submission rates
  • send applicant information to any CRM or platform that will accept an ADF/XML format. Most software applications accept this format. Ask your salesperson or agent for compatibility
  • immediately send an email notification to the appropriate sales personnel stating a lead has been submitted
  • have an option to automatically pull a credit report, which is instantly available for review from CBC’s eCredit Complete
  • are entirely configurable providing the ability to add and remove fields as well as making specific fields required
  • are American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant
  • offer a FREE banner for Experian Boost. Click here to learn more

An important additional feature of eQualify Online:

  • eQualify Online entices consumers to enter just their name and address to get PreQualified for financing.  eQualify Online is a soft-pull solution that does not require a social security number or DOB, will not have an impact on a consumer’s credit score, and provides a full-file credit report

Contact CBC today to add these valuable lead generation tools to your website.